What is TechFindz.co? It’s like “Groupon®” but for technology. We provide a digital marketplace to match buyers and sellers of tech-related products together.

For Buyers, We Provide: Amazing deals 50%+ discounts on technology products from platforms, apps, B2B services, event(s) tickets & so much more. Everyone wants a deal!

For Vendors, We Provide: Startups and tech-related companies will now have the ability to get users early on, to test and validate their software or product. With our deals you get paid early on, plus early adopters can provide invaluable product feedback. We allow you to market to tech savvy buyers that are always looking for the next cool thing at a discounted price. You might be providing great value, but in turn you get great insight on your products use & viability. Create a deal, people buy and you get paid, it’s that Simple!

Meet the Team

Below is the list of the founding team that brings you TechFindz.

Brian Prokopowich

Founder & CEO

I am a founder of StartupTech Unleashed, an event organization that highlights startups and tech companies in Canada and the USA. My mission is to educate, mentor and make connections with fellow entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. As you are forever learning and living in the moment.

Anas Shaikh

Business Developemt

Work in the field of social media management and public relations and business development. For both StartupTech Unleashed and Feedless.co