Welcome to the “How IT Works Page”

We wanted to give you a little more information no how to use the site, if you where unsure.  So we created this page to help you through the process.


How TechFindz Works: We sell vouchers for the product (e.g. Like a gift card), you let us know how many offers you would like to have, send us voucher codes for the deal and we will upload it into our platform. When customers pay for the deal we will provide them with your voucher code, they will then use it to place an order directly on your site. Increase Sales, Revenue and your Customer Base – It’s a Win-Win!

Buyer or Vendor

First question is do you want to sell discounts or you want to buy discounts or in other words are you buyer or vendor. After you answer on that question click on the button below and register.

Vendor Account

If you opted for becoming vendor and successfully registered as one you’ll gain access to vendors profile dashboard, from where you can manage everything from your profile, store, deals, and agents. We wish you lot of sales!

*add video on how to setup account for a Vendor*

Buyer Account

You registered yourself as buyer and now you can buy offers and have access to your profile dashboard from where you can manage your profile and purchases. From there you can see status of every purchase that you’ve made . Let’s go for all those discounts!

*Video coming soon: How to setup account for a Buyer & How to setup account for a Vendor*


How to Create a Deal:

Step 1: Register on the platform at www.techfindz.co as a vendor, we will validate your registration. Now you can create your own deal, however we ask you in the beginning to email us the info below to info@techfindz.co

Step 2: How many orders/vouchers will you give?

Step 3: Let us know minimum order that must be placed, before order goes live.

Step 4: Provide us with copy & images for the deal and for your store.

Step 5: You let us know when you want the deal to go Live, and we will tell you when it will end.

Step 6: We will notify you when the deal goes live!

Step 7: We will send you the commissions, once the deal closes.


Note: We understand that not everyone has a referral/affiliate system in place. However, by agreeing to be part of our platform and deal you agree to honor the voucher codes & deals promoted. We understand that you might have to onboard the members manually. So, because of that the buyers acknowledge on the sales of the deal that their activation may take up to 24hrs to access the program/platform.