Welcome to Techfindz.co

It is official this is the formal Pre-launch of TechFindz, one of StartupTech Unleashed Inc spin off business. This is a web platform we created to support our members and provide our startups with a great way to promote their tech-related businesses and create revenue early on.

We are still working out a few kinks, as this is our MVP, however we will start to post deals weekly that would save you money on great tech platforms and related products.  We wanted to launch TechFindz platform to our StartupTech members first, as our test group before we go full force and promote it to the masses.

Why TechFindz?

This has been an internal project we’ve been working on with our team leaders and membership community. This will be used as a case study to showcase how we use the same information we provide our members taking an idea from conception to MVP and observe where the business will go in one year. Will it be a success? Will it be a flop, or will it pivot into something else?  I will document the process through our blog and share the journey with you.

What is TechFindz.co? It’s like “Groupon®**” but for technology. We provide a digital marketplace to match buyers and sellers of tech-related products together.

For Buyers, We Provide: Amazing deals 50%+ discounts on technology products from platforms, apps, B2B services, event(s) tickets & so much more. Everyone wants a deal!

For Vendors, We Provide: Startups and tech-related companies will now have the ability to get users early on, to test and validate their software or product. With our deals you get paid early on, plus early adopters can provide invaluable product feedback. We allow you to market to tech savvy buyers that are always looking for the next cool thing at a discounted price. You might be providing great value, but in turn you get great insight on your products use & viability. Create a deal, people buy and you get paid, it’s that Simple!

How it Works: We sell vouchers for the product (e.g. Like a gift card), you let us know how many offers you would like to have, send us voucher codes for the deal and we will upload it into our platform. When customers pay for the deal we will provide them with your voucher code, they will then use it to place an order directly on your site. Increase Sales, Revenue and your Customer Base – It’s a Win-Win!

We want your Tech!!!
With the launch of Techfindz.co we are reaching out to our members first. We are looking for great products, apps, platforms and tech products to showcase on your platform. If you want to add your product as a deal or know of any other great tech company, you want showcased on our platform contact us today and we will send you more information.


You can send us an email at: info@techfindz.co

Launching Soon!

This is a Beta Test Site right now! We will be officialy launching our website in the next 30 Days! As you all know MVP have a few bugs and we are working to get the site up and functioning. We will be offering great deals for our launch and would love your feed back on how we can improve the site!

Till then, look around and let us know what you think?